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Post by Wrigina on 17/03/16, 01:39 pm

Okay, so you know how sometimes people escape from lunatic asylums and then join an RP site? What, I'm the first one? Great, I'm starting a trend Twisted Evil

You can call me Wrigina, or Wri, or The Greatest Person Ever - I'm okay with any of those. I love coming up with ideas for roleplays, and making characters for them. I am a writer of many things - it's what I do, bro - so I like to come up with stories all the time. I'm not a big anime fan, but I like a lot of other stuffs. I'm not a great people person (the corrects term for me is "certifiable") but I guess it helps with the creativity

I might be an admin, but I don't know how to do things, or like to police people. So that makes me the cool admin afro

So, you talkin' to me? Well, are ya, punk? Go ahead, make my day

Expressing my opinion is NOT a Terrorist action
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