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Post by Basil102 on 22/04/16, 09:50 am

The Plot

Sometime during the medieval era, humanity regularly found itself under attack by 'supernatural' creatures - dark beings which could and would remain undetected, whether by hiding in the shadows or just walking among men as equals, waiting for the perfect time attack and satiate their bloodlust.  As years passed, these attacks - for whatever reason - slowly became less frequent and the 'supernatural' creatures who once made them fear for their lives, now only exist in fiction - at least in their minds.

The year is now 1893.  People all over the western world are dying at an alarming rate.  At first, nobody knew who or what was responsible, but eventually people started to realize what was happening - the murderous fiends who they feared are back, and this time they're pushing humanity to the brink of extinction.  But in London, England, a small group has emerged.  Not a group of mere humans, but a group of 'supernatural' creatures.  Led by a mysterious Grim Reaper, Team Chaos now roams the land of England, eliminating villainous fiends and protecting mankind - by any means necessary.

Character Sheet Template

Bio / History:
Misc Details:

The Rules

1: I control all world events.  When you want your character to interact with the environment or the minor characters within it, just describe what they're attempting to do and wait for me to create a post addressing you with @[USERNAME].  Your name will be bold and coloured, and the post will tell you how your character has affected the environment or the minor characters.

2: Each user can create up to 3 protagonists and 1 antagonist each.  This rule is negotiable, so if you want 4 protagonists and/or 2 antagonists, let me know in PM and send the character sheets along with the message.  If I think it'll work, it'll be approved and you can post it here.

3: Each character's race must be unique - no two characters can be of the same race.  This rule does not apply to antagonists.

4: A character's race must be one of the selected races which will be listed off under 'Races'.

(Taken races will be coloured red.)

An undead human.  Very powerful and only killed by a destroyed or disconnected brain.  Possesses the ability to reattach lost limbs at will.

A bloodthirsty creature of the night.  Fast and seemingly immortal, but vulnerable to sunlight's touch.  Their blood can heal any wound or illness.

A wolf-man, with natural agility, flexibility and night-vision.  Their razor sharp claws can reach impressive lengths and their hearing is unmatched.

A sex-crazed fiend.  Their destructive powers come from the fluids of men.

Moon Girl/Boy
A rare being, born once in a blue moon.  Their telekinetic powers come from the moonlight.

A mere man to even the most trained eye.  They manipulate their blood with their mind.  Though more severe injuries may bring them closer to death, they will also be able to dish out their attacks more rapidly.

Soul Reaver
A spirit from another realm, unable to maintain physical form without feeding on the souls of the damned.

Demon / Fairy
Lesser servants of the rulers of Heaven and Hell, each with their own element to manipulate.

Devil / Angel
Higher servants of the rulers of Heaven and Hell, all with a balanced amount of skill with each element of the realms.

A towering golem-like being made of materials and substances like stone, metal, lava, water and ice.  Though they are slow, they deal devastating blows.

A half-man-half-pumpkin abomination.  With saliva which burns and thorny limbs which poisons, these monsters can be truly horrifying.

A deceptive being which can take the form of any man or woman it chooses.  They don't have much more than two rows of razor sharp teeth, but for thousands of years, their 'jokes' have caused more warfare than you could imagine.

A fiendish creature born from the shadow of a man.  They watch over their owners until they die.  When that time comes, their last thoughts and emotions become their shadow's power.

A colossal man.  Usually very wild and uncivilized.

A small, bloodthirsty pyromaniac of a fiend.  Their unhealthy obsession with fire, tendency to steal and constant snorting makes them extremely unpopular, even among fellow fiends.  They also seem to really like graveyards and tombs.

An irresistible temptress who lures men through song, waiting for the perfect time to kill and eat their victim.

A strange being which exists but doesn't have a physical body.  Everyone can see it, but simultaneously, they are but an optical illusion until they give themselves a physical body.  It is believed that an Adem is created when someone is born when they weren't supposed to be, or dies when they weren't supposed to.

A mechanical servant, fully equipped with the latest in offensive technology.

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Any questions?

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Team Chaos Empty Re: Team Chaos

Post by Wrigina on 22/04/16, 11:19 pm

Name: Ruby James

Nickname: R, RJ

Age: 20

Sex: female

Nationality: British

Race: zombie

Personality: Ruby is very chilled, reckless, sarcastic and violent. Happy to kill, and can do so without remorse. However, she can be bratty at times, completely refusing to do things because she simply doesn't want to. Her paranoia adds to her fear of betrayal, causing her to distance herself

Bio / History: growing up in a privileged home, Ruby never really had any struggles until she was older. Her father was caught up in a political scandal, and turned to the mob for help. Once the problem was resolved, her father had the mob thrown in jail - yet the leader escaped. Ruby's entire family was massacred, and if it weren't for the Grim Reaper, she would have joined them. Cursed with immortality- with a side of zombie-itis - RJ now fights for Team Chaos, much to her dismay


Here (but with purple coat):

Weapon(s): twin hatchets

Equipment: throwing knives, a dagger, a loaded dice and a locket with her family photograph in it

Misc Details: her hood is lined with enchanted lead, so her brain is harder to damage

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Team Chaos Empty Re: Team Chaos

Post by Tratos on 02/05/16, 11:53 am

Name: Rin Okumura

Nickname: n/a

Age: 16

Sex: male

Nationality: British  

Race: devil

Personality: Rin is very chilled, gets angry very easily,  and will kill if needed

Bio / History: Rin growing up in a monastery and was raised in that monastery for 16 years till it was destroyed by some rouge demons killing everyone in the monastery.

Team Chaos 4026646-6349474230-rin_o

Apparel: as shown

Team Chaos Exorcist_anime_katana_sword
the weapon has the ability to summons blue flames witch surrounds some of his body and the sword as well

Equipment:  throwing knives and a tactical knife

Misc Details: the koma sword has the ability to summons blue flames witch surrounds some of his body and the sword as well

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